Why it’s time to invest in the manufacturing execution software business

A major Israeli software manufacturer has announced a deal to invest $100 million in the Indian software company Adament.

The $100m will be used to help create a manufacturing execution service that can help companies quickly and efficiently execute their products.

Adament, a software company, has recently introduced an advanced manufacturing automation platform that can automatically turn off components during assembly and save costs.

According to the company, the new acquisition will allow Adament to take on a larger role in manufacturing execution in India. 

“The new business model for us will be to create a product platform to help our customers create more effective products,” Adament CEO Arif Nafee told the Hindustan Times. 

This will make us better equipped to handle the complexity of the manufacturing process and help our clients create better products,” he added. 

Adament is one of the most innovative companies in India, where it has been manufacturing its products in India since 2009.

Its products include software that helps manufacturers design, manufacture and sell products.

Adament will also develop software that can turn off all parts of the process, including assembly, manufacturing and distribution. 

The company’s products can be customized to work on a specific product, for instance to create an iPad that has a customisable touchpad, and is compatible with a specific platform. 

 In order to take advantage of the growth in automation in the marketplace, Adament has invested in an innovative manufacturing automation solution called Adament Automation. 

According to Nafees statement, Adiment will use this software to automate all the manufacturing processes, from the final product to the distribution of the finished product. 

It will also enable Adament customers to automate the entire process, from pre-manufacturing and assembly, to the final assembly. 

Nafee says the Adament software platform will help Adament create better-performing products that can compete in the global market. 

Earlier this year, the company invested in software startup Tandem, a subsidiary of Google.

Tandem is based in New York City and will work with Adament on its manufacturing automation solutions. 

However, Adaments announcement comes as India has seen a dramatic surge in the number of manufacturing automation companies. 

Last year, there were only about a dozen companies operating in India with about a million employees. 

Today, there are nearly 300 such companies with over 20 million employees operating in the country. 

India’s manufacturing is expected to reach $3.2 trillion by 2020, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

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