Why are so many Italian teams so skilful at manufacturing products in China?

The Italian Football Association has a long history of producing its own products, and it is a major factor in the Italian clubs success in Europe.

With a budget of more than €100m, it’s no wonder that the club has a number of products in its own factory. 

“We have our own facilities in the state of Genoa,” explained Gianni De Laurentiis, the president of the Association, to Sky Sport Italia.

“But we have also produced the jerseys for all of the other European teams.

It’s important that we do that in Italy because the country is a manufacturing powerhouse.” 

“There are two types of manufacturing, the domestic and the international.

The domestic is made in Italy and the International is made here.”

Italian teams are also able to export their goods, as long as the products are produced in the country of origin.

For instance, Milan’s new jersey is made from 100% cotton, but the players and their coaches wear it in their training.

“It’s very important for the players to wear the jersey, it makes the players feel that they are part of the team,” De Laurentis explained.

“It also makes the team look good.” 

De Laurentiise is a big fan of Italian football, and he’s not afraid to tell the story of the first team he coached in Genoa, who would not have been able to compete with Milan in the early 2000s without the Italian teams products.

“We were always competing with the Milan side and the Giallorossi.

There were no rules or anything.

It was a bit strange, because we had the Italian team in Geno, and we had a few Milan teams, but not the other teams.

We had to work harder,” he said.”

The team was strong and was always in the title race.

We were the only team in Italy that could beat Milan.” 

Nowadays, Italian football clubs have a wide range of products that are made in China, including jerseys, socks, shorts, football shirts, and football gloves. 

In the past, it was not uncommon for the national team to make products in Italy, but that changed in the 1990s. 

According to De Laurentiiis, Italy is a country with a large number of manufacturing plants and manufacturing companies.

The country is also a market that is growing at an extremely fast rate, and the association has to compete on a level playing field. 

While the Italian Football Federation has its own factories in Genova and Sicily, the majority of the products that the clubs produce come from Chinese manufacturers. 

A number of Italian players have been linked to China over the years, but it’s unclear whether they have signed new contracts with their current clubs. De Giorgi , the new coach of Juventus, is a fan of the country, and has recently spoken to the press about the relationship between the two countries. 

He said that Chinese teams play on a similar level as Italian clubs.

“In football, we have to play on the same pitch, we can be on the pitch, the ball is in our own end and it’s the same level,” he told La Repubblica. 

It’s a point that is echoed by Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli, who said that there is a clear link between Chinese players and Juventus. 

Agnelli is also keen to see Italian teams get involved in Chinese sporting events, so that the country can have its own national team. 

Currently, the Chinese National Football Association (CNF) is not a member of the International Federation of Chinese Football Associations (IFCCAF).

However, the association does meet regularly with the Italian government, and is working on establishing an association to develop a Chinese Football Association. 

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