Which of these companies are making you a better life?

Google News Search, a search engine that provides search results in a number of languages, has updated its product search results page to include a new question on whether companies are producing better products.

The question, which is set out in an image caption, is titled: “Which of these products are making your life better?”

The question is part of an update to the company’s product search that was released to highlight its role in driving consumer innovation.

The search engine said it is asking the question as part of its effort to show that businesses are making their customers’ lives better.

The company, which has more than 5.5 billion monthly searches in Canada, has a long history of focusing on the role it plays in driving innovation.

It has built a large and loyal audience of users who have made Google the second most-searched website in Canada behind Wikipedia.

Google is not the first to bring up the question, however, with the US company Facebook doing so in November 2015, along with the UK and Australia in December 2016 and January 2017 respectively.

Google said it has asked the question on behalf of Canadians on a number “of product categories” including clothing, footwear, footwear accessories, household goods and toys.

It also asked consumers to rate how much they would change their shopping habits if they were given the chance.

Google has previously addressed the question of how well companies are doing in its search results with its recent product updates.

In 2015, it released a tool that was able to help consumers to understand which products are the most popular and which ones were getting the least.

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