Which of the top 20 companies produce more than $3 billion in profits?

This year, Apple’s profit surged nearly 60% on $3.15 billion in revenue, up from $1.6 billion in 2015.

This is a record year for Apple, which has more than doubled its profits to $3 trillion.

However, the company’s profits were still well below analysts’ estimates of $3,100 billion.

And the company is still on track to miss Wall Street’s estimate of $4.7 trillion.

Here are the top ten companies producing the most profits.1.

Apple Inc.: $3B profitThis company has been one of the best performing stocks of the year in the US, according to data from Bloomberg.

Its stock is up nearly 2% this year to $43.80, and its market cap is nearly $60 billion.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has repeatedly said that his company is on track for an $11.5 billion revenue jump this year.2.

Toyota Motor Corp.: $1B profitToyota is the fourth-largest auto maker in the world and is responsible for nearly half of all vehicle sales in the United States.

Toyota’s profit jumped more than 6% this past year to a record $1 billion.

However the company has missed its projections for a record profit in 2017.

The company is now forecasting revenue of $5.1 billion, and the company says it is on course to meet the goal of $10.3 billion by 2020.3.

General Motors Co.: $2.5B profitGeneral Motors is one of America’s largest carmakers.

The carmaker, which makes cars for Ford, Chevrolet and Chrysler, is expected to post a $1-billion profit this year and is expected at the end of this year for its first profit in more than a decade.4.

Toyota Motors Corp.: ~$1.8B profitIn 2017, Toyota’s profits rose almost 60% to $1,871 million.

However this year the company fell more than 5% to just $1 million.

The result is that the company still has a long way to go to meet analysts’ forecasts.

The auto maker has still missed the industry’s expectations for profits to exceed $6 billion for the year.5.

Caterpillar Inc.: ~ $1 B profitIn 2016, Caterpillar’s profits grew by over 4% to nearly $1bn.

However in 2017, Caterpillars profits were down nearly 11% to a meager $1.,838 million.

Caterpillar’s CEO Mark Frasier has repeatedly downplayed the companys profits, saying that Caterpillar is “on track to pass $2 billion” in profits.6.

Boeing Co.: ~2.3B ProfitIn 2017 and 2016, Boeing’s profits jumped nearly 3% each year.

However they fell a whopping 10% to ~$2.1bn in 2017 and a whopping 8% to roughly $1BN in 2016.7.

General Electric Co.: US$1 B ProfitIn 2016 and 2017, General Electric’s profits surged by more than 2% each.

However GE was only profitable in one of its six years.

However as of 2017, the electric utility is forecasting a profit of $1 in 2017 but a loss of $8.4 billion in 2020.8.

General Mills Inc.: US $1 Billion ProfitIn 2014, General Mills’ profit surged by nearly 2%, and the stock has now fallen almost 7% to its lowest point in history.

GE’s profitability fell to $8,732 million in 2015 and has dropped nearly 9% to around $2BN.9.

Coca-Cola Co.: +$300M profitIn 2014 and 2016 Coke’s profits soared by over 3% and more than 4% respectively.

However after the company went public in 1999, it fell more sharply, plunging by more to $300 million.

Coca is now projecting a profit in 2020 of $600 million and a loss in 2021 of $500 million.10.

Microsoft Corp.: +500M profitThis is the only company in this list that has a profit exceeding $500M in 2017 (Microsoft, as of July 9, 2017, had a profit under $2B).

Microsoft is the leader in the Xbox game console business.

However it has not been able to make a profit for several years.

Microsoft says that it is in the process of completing its first acquisition, and has said it will sell the company to Microsoft in 2020 for $5 billion.

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