When Your Dog Gets the Eagle for Christmas

The eagle has become the most popular Christmas gift for many Americans.

But what does that mean for your dog?

A few things are sure to happen.1.

It’s a big deal2.

Your dog will probably have an emotional reaction3.

It’ll be more fun than you expected4.

It will be an unforgettable day5.

Your little one will probably look forward to itFor more than 30 years, Dottie and her two-year-old pit bull terrier, Dolly, have shared a room with their two dogs, Lulu and Marge.

The two have worked hard for so long, they don’t even realize they’ve gotten their first dog.

“It was always just the two of us,” Dotties husband, John, told The Associated Press.

“And I think it was a really nice thing to get a gift from.”

Now that they’re on their second dog, Lula, they’re starting to wonder what will happen to their Christmas.

They’re looking forward to getting their first.

“The idea of getting a Christmas gift from my dog has always been an absolute dream,” John said.

“I just hope it’ll be a really fun gift.”

John and Dottys are both retired military personnel who have retired from their careers in the military.

They are now in their 80s and have had to sell their business to be able to retire to a retirement home.

The Dottiers are grateful to have their dog with them.

“If it means it’s a little more fun, it’s wonderful,” Dolly said.

For more information on the gift, go to the AP’s Christmas Gift Guide at www.ap.org/christmas-gift-guide.

The AP’s Santa Claus photo archive is maintained by AP Photos.

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