When China shuts down factories, factories close

The Chinese government has shut down factories in factories across China.

It says the factories are not meeting strict safety requirements.

But critics say the government is using the shutdowns to shut down the economy, shutting factories down as soon as they start producing.

A government spokesperson said on Wednesday that factories will be shut down at 7pm local time (11pm BST) on Monday and will remain closed for 10 days after that.

What the factories say About 1,400 factories are in the process of being shut down.

Those factories have been used to make clothing, shoes, footwear, furniture, foodstuffs, consumer electronics and other goods.

The factories are mainly in Shanghai and Wuhan, and include many factories producing clothing for retailers.

Some of them also manufacture furniture, which can be used to manufacture other products.

A factory in Wuhang, in southern China’s Hubei province, shut down in September due to safety concerns and has since been used for making consumer goods and for other factories, according to local media.

The closure is expected to last until January.

What’s the reaction?

China has long blamed the factories for poor production and quality.

It shut down most of its textile and footwear factories in the 1990s and then shut down many other factories.

The government says the shutdown of factories was caused by the failure of the factories to meet their strict safety standards.

The problem was exacerbated by the collapse of the global financial crisis in 2008, when the world’s biggest economy was hit by a global recession.

Many factories have shut down for other reasons.

For example, in December, a plant in Wuxi in Jiangsu province that makes clothes for Western clothing brands closed down.

Some workers said the factory’s safety standards were not met.

What to do About 500 factories in China are producing clothing and footwear.

Some factories make a large proportion of their sales from overseas.

The rest of the companies make products in China, but the government has banned imports of certain products.

China has been under strict production quotas for clothing, footwear and furniture.

The quota was introduced in 2010 and was intended to encourage more exports from the country.

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