When a company buys a smartphone, you’re not buying a ‘one-year warranty’


It’s been a year since the first iPhone launched and a few days since Apple’s iPhone 5s went on sale in the US.

The iPhone 5c was the first of several iPhone 5 devices to launch last year and Apple introduced a new iPhone 5C in August, although it was only available in the UK.

In 2017, Apple announced that the company would sell a $1,000 discount for any iPhone 5 user who buys it in a single order.

And as a new year approaches, Apple is set to roll out a new $100 discount to all customers who purchase the iPhone 5 for at least 90 days in any calendar year.

And this isn’t just for the US either.

The company is rolling out the same discount to UK customers as well.

But when a company purchases a smartphone from a US retailer, you might be better off taking advantage of a coupon.

While the iPhone is normally one-year limited to an individual store, the company is allowing customers to get a full year of the device free.

The new iPhone is priced at $999 and will ship on April 23.

So when you buy a smartphone for $699, you can get a $99 discount for 90 days.

The discount is a limited time offer, so you can’t buy a device right away.

The promo code will only be active for one calendar year, so it’s best to use it as soon as you can.

Here’s how to redeem the coupon: Purchase a phone at a US store Find a retailer with a $100 coupon code on its website Use the coupon code at checkout, then follow the instructions on your receipt to redeem.

The coupon will apply to any iPhone that is purchased in the last 90 days of the calendar year and is purchased from a retailer in the same US state or territory.

If you are a UK customer and purchase an iPhone 5 from a UK retailer, then the promo code is only available to UK residents and will not apply to iPhone 5 buyers in the United Kingdom.

Apple is also offering a discount of up to $10 to iPhone buyers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

This discount is available for UK customers and is valid for a calendar year only.

If the coupon is not available for a given device, the discount will be discounted by $5 for a year.

It’s worth noting that this discount applies to UK-only purchases only.

Apple’s promo code does not apply in Australia.

So if you live in Australia and are interested in buying an iPhone, be sure to take advantage of the promo when it goes live.

You can check out our iPhone 5 price comparison here.

A NEW YEAR’S LAND FOR NEW YEARS: US iPhone buyers get $50 off if they buy a new phone during the first 90 days This year marks the first year in which iPhone buyers can get $10 off a new device if they purchase it during the 90-day promotional period.

The promotion will begin at 10:59am ET on January 1, 2018, and it will end on January 31, 2018 at 10.59am.

That means that customers can buy a $50 discount off of the price of an iPhone if they’re currently in the promotion and purchase the device before January 31.

This means that iPhone 5 owners in the promo period will have a good deal to get into January.

This promotion is also valid in the USA.

The device must be purchased in-store at a participating Apple store for the promotion to work.

The $10 discount will only apply to US customers who are already in the promotional period and are using an iPhone with a 30GB storage capacity.

If an iPhone 6 Plus is used for a promotional period in the 90 days after the first sale date, then it’s eligible for a $10 credit toward the purchase price.

However, if you use an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 Plus, then you’ll be eligible for the same $10 price discount.

This year’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be available for $499 in the States and $599 in the rest of the world.

So for $50, you could get an iPhone for $999 in the Americas, $649 in the East and $849 in Europe, while for $100 you could buy an iPhone at the same price in the West.

There’s a catch, however.

The first iPhone sold in the U.S. during the promotional era in 2020 will be sold only at select Apple retail stores and will be eligible only for the $50 promotion.

This limitation applies to the $10 promo code, but not the $20 one.

You’ll still be able to buy the iPhone 6s Plus at full price on Apple retail, though.

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