What you need to know about the new ad campaign for Honda cars

Honda’s new “Food Manufacturers” ad campaign will begin airing in early 2018, and it’s designed to take aim at its rivals.

The ad features a trio of men and women in their early 20s sitting in front of a large kitchen counter and sharing recipes, along with their respective jobs.

The men and young women are eating hamburgers, sandwiches, tacos and fried chicken.

The women are making a lasagna, making a tomato soup and making a curry.

“When you work with us, we’re here for you,” a woman says in the ad.

The ad is intended to poke fun at the industry that Honda has long dominated in terms of manufacturing, but it also represents an opportunity for Honda to challenge a number of brands and brands’ image.

“This is a really great opportunity to start to address some of the things that we’re going to need to address as a company,” said Honda’s chief marketing officer, Joe Caccone, at a media event on Monday.

The campaign is part of a broader push for Honda’s ad business that has already started.

The company last year launched a new ad-supported product, Honda Pay, which is aimed at consumers who use mobile payments to pay for their Honda cars.

But it is also launching a new online program, Honda Car Deals, that will allow consumers to buy and sell Honda vehicles on a shoestring budget.

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