Walmart’s Texas manufacturing unit opens up its doors to Mexico

WALL STREET, Texas — Walmart’s U.S. manufacturing operations are opening up their doors to Mexican producers, the company announced Tuesday.

The Walmart Manufacturing Center in Waco, Texas, will make products for Walmart’s Mexican customers, Walmart said in a statement.

The plant will also make products to Walmart’s Canadian and European customers.

Walmart will start importing parts and components from Mexico in the coming months, and will also open up its Mexican operations in the next several months.

The company said the Mexican facilities will have higher quality and lower costs than those in the U.K., Australia, and France.

The move to open up production facilities comes as Walmart is working to bring its Mexican workforce back into the U, with the UAW agreeing to a tentative deal last week that will allow the company to bring about 5,000 jobs back to the U., the company said.