Tiny homes to be manufactured by small companies

The tiny home movement has captured the imaginations of many across the country as the trend for the more eco-friendly, less-frustrating home continues to gain momentum.

Manufactured tiny houses are becoming more popular as the demand for small, modular homes grows.

There are currently over 3,600 small house companies in the United States, according to the Small House Council of America.

They include builders such as Kitecraft and Greenbrier Homes.

Small house companies also include builders who offer the opportunity to make a small home with a built-in kitchen and bathroom, a bathtub and shower, a fire pit and storage space.

Some manufacturers have already started to build these small homes.

A California builder, KiteCraft, announced it will build its first small home for sale in 2019.

Its called the Tiny House.

The first of these small houses is the Tiny Home, a six-bedroom home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in the beautiful coastal town of Monterey, California.

It has an overall price tag of $2.6 million.

The company’s founder, Jim and Michelle Fritsch, told CNN they were inspired to build the tiny home after witnessing the devastation of wildfires in California.

“We are truly blessed to live in a state that is able to bring people together, where we can build and repair, where there is a sense of hope and joy,” Jim Fritsches said.

“It is a beautiful state, a beautiful place, and so we decided to build this home.”

The tiny home has also drawn the attention of others, who are starting to build their own tiny houses.

A company called Kite Craft has built tiny houses for people who want to build a tiny house themselves, but don’t want to buy a home, or who don’t have the space or expertise to build one themselves.

It currently offers a $2,500 starter kit that includes a kitchen, bathroom, bathtub, and fire pit.

“I think it’s great that small house builders are starting this new wave of tiny homes,” said Michelle Frugsch.

“This is an opportunity for us to bring our skills and experience to the table.

It’s great to see the new generation of builders are doing things that were never done before.”

The other potential trend in the small home market is the construction of modular homes.

While they are not as cheap as the built-to-order homes, they are still available for the relatively inexpensive price of $1,000 per unit.

“A lot of the modular housing is coming out of the small house movement,” said Julie Grosen, co-founder and CEO of the Small Home Designers Guild, which promotes modular housing.

“There are new builders starting to do modular homes, so I think there’s going to be more modular homes.”

A similar movement is developing in the construction industry.

Builders are starting the modular process to create more sustainable homes.

“The modular movement has really caught on in the industry,” said Sarah Kline, founder and CEO at Rondo Builder.

“Small homes are coming into the marketplace in a very natural and gradual fashion.

There’s always been a little bit of an awkwardness, but with the modular movement, there’s more openness.”

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