Tiny home manufacturer makes $2 million in revenue with TinyHomeLand

Tiny home manufacturers are making more money than ever.

The industry is seeing its biggest growth since 2007, according to a report released Thursday by research firm Gartner, and the numbers are showing no signs of slowing down.

Tiny home makers now make about $2.4 million in total revenue, up from $1.9 million in 2016, according a report by Gartners.

It was the first time that TinyHomeList has made such a bold claim in years.

While the report didn’t mention how many TinyHomeMakers there are, the numbers represent a significant uptick in the industry, and it highlights the continued growth of small home makers and the fact that consumers have gotten into the habit of using tiny homes.

Garters research also showed that the number of consumers using tiny home design has jumped from less than 200,000 in 2016 to more than 500,000 now.

These are the same people who grew up with the tiny home, and they’re now choosing to live in them.

That’s a huge shift, said John Rizzo, CEO of Gartener.

“We’re going to see the emergence of many more niche design models,” Rizzos said.

“They’re not going to be in the same category of small homes, but they’re not in the niche of living in them either.

The number of people who live in these homes is going to grow.”

The industry has also become much more attractive to consumers.

Tiny homes are a new category, so people are more willing to spend money on them.

Consumers are also less likely to buy them from stores.

In 2017, the average price of a TinyHomeDesign kit was $1,200.

Tiny Home Design has a much higher market share than the smaller homes category, and this could help TinyHomeLabs, the makers of the popular Mini and the small home kit, grow its sales.

The market is growing quickly.

The total number of TinyHomeDevelopers in the U.S. grew from less then 100 in 2017 to more like 800 today.

The biggest market is in California, which has nearly three times as many TinyhomeDevelopers as the rest of the country combined.

That trend will continue as new manufacturers enter the market.

As more and more TinyHomeModels are built, it will also become easier for consumers to find homes that fit their needs.

That will be great for small home builders and the manufacturers of tiny homes, said Rizzoes company.

“The industry is evolving in such a way that you’re going see a lot of growth,” he said.

The report also showed the number and market share of the most popular TinyHomeBuilders in 2018.

There are now more than 3,500 TinyHomeCrafts, according and that includes manufacturers such as Gartech, Dripster, and Nymex.

The most popular builder, and maker of the Mini, is TinyHomeBuilder.

There is also a market for smaller, more modular TinyHomes, and some are starting to make money.

In 2018, there were 4,000 small home building kits.

In 2019, there will be a total of 8,000 TinyHomeKit Kits.

The trend is definitely picking up, but there are still many smaller home makers out there that have yet to see a real boost in sales.

“There are still a lot more niche builders out there,” said Rizos.

“And then you have a lot that have really embraced the market and have built up a lot, like TinyHomeWorks.

They’ve seen a lot growth.”

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