The US Auto Industry Will Be a Lot More Productive in a Global Economy

Posted March 24, 2019 17:17:10Today, the US Auto industry will be a lot more productive in a global economy, says India’s top industrialist, Gaurav Goyal.

Goyal is India’s most influential auto executive and a major investor in American auto makers such as General Motors and Ford.

India has been looking at ways to bolster its auto industry and become a world leader in manufacturing.

The government has promised to spend about $4 trillion on manufacturing over the next five years.

But Goyal says India will need to increase its manufacturing output to boost growth.

“Our automotive industry is a huge market.

We are going to be able to increase production in the auto industry, as the global economy will be much stronger than it is now.

We need to ramp up production in auto manufacturing and we will have to do that in a more rapid fashion,” he said.

Goyat also said that the US will need “more investments” in India.

“The US is a major market, we need more investments in our auto industry to increase our manufacturing capacity and we need to make the investments in the US, that will help us achieve our goals,” he told PTI.

The US automotive industry has been one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy for several years now.

The United States has a $15 trillion auto industry.

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