The same ‘gimmick’ which gave Cesare Prandelli his new job

By Alessandro CiaffoneThe same ‘gymnastics’ that Cesare prandelli used to use to build his reputation are now a part of the new Milan boss’s coaching style, as the Milan president is now taking a similar approach with the players. 

“We don’t have to be gymnastics,” Prandella told Gazzetta dello Sport in an interview published on Friday.

“We don`t have to follow a certain way of working.

We`re all very much open-minded, we are all professionals, we have our own ideas. 

We are all trying to create something new, to create a more efficient football club. 

And we`re doing that because we want to win, not because we are trying to do what everyone else wants to do. 

The first step is to change everything. 

But I think we`ve found the solution.” 

Prandella, who was once a coach at the highest level, said he wanted the club to be “a lot more efficient, a lot more modern, a little bit more focused on training, on working on the pitch, and on the players` minds”.

“This is not a problem of ‘cheating’ the ball, it`s a problem because we have to work very, very hard,” he said. 

A former midfielder who won two Serie A titles with Milan, Prandell has been promoted from assistant coach to first-team coach.

“I`m the coach, I`m responsible for every player, but I also want them to be in charge of their own destiny. 

I think this is a great chance for everyone,” he added.”

It`s important that we`ll not let the players decide, we`m here to give the players the best chance. 

There are some players, especially young players, who are very good, but not many of them are at the top of the world. 

As a coach, you need to create the best possible environment for your players.

That`s the only way you`ll get the best out of them.” 

It remains to be seen if Prandello`s tactics will be the same as the ones he has used in his past.

The Italian has already shown he can bring a much more positive atmosphere to the team.

Last year, Milan had a record number of games without a win.

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