‘The biggest challenge’ for ‘big, big’ Australia’s manufacturing sector

Manufacturing is one of the most important sectors of the Australian economy, accounting for more than a third of all employment.

The challenges for Australia’s big and big manufacturers are twofold: to keep their customers happy and to deliver quality products at competitive prices.

Key points:Daniels manufactures 47% of the world’s Log Homes, a home appliance manufacturer with $3.6 billion in salesThe company said its Log Homes business has been hit hard by the global downturn and is expecting to close more than 30% of its US production base by the end of 2019Source: ABC News | Duration: 29min 49secTopics:business-economics-and-finance,corporate-governance,industry,business-unions,workers,employment,jobs,consumer-fraud-and‑robbery,coronavirus-and,international-aid-and.foreign-affairs,world-politics,technology,port-au-lincoln-5606More stories from New South Wales

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