manufactured home financing


How to buy a new home with a $2,200 loan

A homeowner can’t buy a house with a loan of less than $2.200 if it has been built to the standard of the average American home, a new report finds.The average loan amount of $2-2,500 is the amount needed...

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The next big thing for the carpet industry

3D printer manufacturing is coming soon, and we’ve been waiting for it. As we’ve previously reported, we’re seeing more and more manufacturers making the jump to 3D printing from traditional manufacturing.The latest to jump on board is Jordan Manufacturing, who...

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How to make a ‘log home’ in your basement, without having to buy one

When you first start making a home, you may wonder what it will look like, or how it will work.Here are some basic tips for how to make it happen.1.Buy a log home.One of the simplest ways to start...

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