New ‘lean manufacturing’ facility in Canada will add more jobs to Canada’s manufacturing sector

A new factory in southern Ontario is adding more than 1,500 jobs to a manufacturing sector already in the midst of a recession.

The new plant in the town of Miller, north of Toronto, will create more than 2,100 jobs, the company said in a statement Tuesday.

The company will also hire 100 more people in the manufacturing sector and invest $5 million to hire new workers.

“Miller is a manufacturing community and we are excited to expand our presence there to support the local economy,” CEO Jim McEachern said in the statement.

“We believe our partnership with the local communities will help us further support the Canadian economy.”

The new facility will add about 800 jobs to the manufacturing industry.

The company will expand the facility’s operations in Miller and its surrounding areas, which employ about 2,000 people, with a focus on the food industry, manufacturing and chemicals.

The plant, located on the company’s property, will add approximately 500 new jobs to Miller’s manufacturing base.

The Miller factory, located near Millerville, Ont., is the first in Canada to open in 2017.

“We’re thrilled to welcome a new, global brand that provides a strong foundation for the continued growth of the local manufacturing industry,” Mayor Karen Stolpe said in an emailed statement.

The announcement comes as Canadian manufacturing has been struggling in recent years, particularly in the U.S. and Europe.

The Canadian dollar has dropped more than 20% against the U, and U.K. markets have seen a sharp drop in exports.

Canadian manufacturers have struggled to stay competitive in the global marketplace, and the U.”trade deficit widened sharply in 2017 as the Canadian dollar dropped by about 40% against other major currencies, according to a report released Tuesday by Bank of Montreal.

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