Metal Industry to Bring Back ‘Lumberjack’ Trailer, TV Show

The new season of The Lumberjack will be coming to TV in January, but it’s not the first time the iconic episode from the 1950s will be seen on a new platform.

The popular animated series, produced by Nickelodeon, will return for its first season in January 2017, the network announced Thursday.

The Lumberjacks original episode is the first animated show ever to be featured on Nickelodeons new home, a network owned by Amazon.

The new series will star Matt Groening, who will direct the show with executive producers Dan Ariely and Sarah Schechter.

The trailer, which debuted during the network’s upfront presentation, features scenes from the episode in which the characters are searching for the missing lumberjack, and even includes the familiar silhouette of a lumberjack.

“This is the kind of new direction that the network has been heading in and it’s a great example of where they’ve been heading over the past few years,” Arieles said in a statement.

“The Lumbersphere will be a new way to tell the story of the world’s biggest lumberjack in a whole new way.”

The Laddersphere has been an animated series since at least the first season, but this will be the first official Nickelodeonal broadcast of the show.

The series has been seen in some form on other networks, including Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel, as well as on Nickelson.

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