Manufacturing overhead homes in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, it seems that everyone is trying to get the next big thing out of their attic.

And now, it’s being manufactured. 

The Wisconsin Manufacturers Association (WMA) is pushing to get a new type of home manufactured in Wisconsin, dubbed a “manufacturing” house. 

According to the WMA, this house will use technology to make the house much more efficient. 

Instead of using an existing building, the WPA is calling for a new “manufactoring” house that will be constructed from prefabricated materials and will utilize “sustainable materials” to create a house that’s less prone to fire and less prone, in their words, to collapse. 

They are also calling for the use of new materials like “solar panel tiles, recycled roofing materials, and energy efficient lighting fixtures” in the building. 

WMA President and CEO David Einhorn told Fox Business that the goal is to “make it easier to produce and manufacture.” 

“Manufacturing homes is the fastest growing industry in the U.S. and is growing at more than 1,300 new jobs per day. 

As the number of manufacturing jobs grows, we are finding it increasingly difficult to locate the right people and the right places to do that work,” Einhan said. 

Currently, the state has over 700 manufacturing jobs, and the manufacturing sector employs nearly 12,000 people. 

“The fact that manufacturing is becoming more efficient is good news for the state, because it means we’re able to get our manufacturing jobs back, which is good for the economy,” Einshorn added. 

Einhorn said that manufacturers want to be able to offer their services in a more cost-efficient manner. 

He added that they want to ensure that the cost of their products is less. 

When asked if this is going to help them out financially, Einhorns answer was no. 

This new home will be manufactured from recycled materials, using a “sustainability-focused, renewable energy portfolio,” the WAA says. 

For example, it will use materials like recycled roof and window tile, recycled insulation, and LED lighting fixtures. 

Furthermore, they are planning to use solar panels to power the house.

WMA said that this will help the manufacturer in several ways. 

It will allow the manufacturer to save money in terms of materials, energy, and maintenance costs. 

And, because of this, they can be more efficient and can be able get more products out the door, because their products are more efficient, Einshan added.

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