How to stop the rise of the “lean manufacturing” industry

What does “lean” mean? 

This one comes from an article from the Washington Post: A company’s “lean production” means using fewer employees, cutting expenses, and using fewer resources to produce fewer goods and services, according to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).

For more on the “Lean Manufacturing” industry, check out this article from Mashable.

In a recent interview with Mashable, the NAM’s John Kagan explained how he thinks the “leapfrogging” industry is taking off: The “lean movement” is now taking off.

And it is happening in the automotive industry, in the furniture and home appliances industry, and even in the food and beverage industry.

The NAM estimates that “lean-manufacturing” will create as many as 1.8 million jobs by 2020, and could be the “next wave” of manufacturing, according the group’s president, Robert M. Cieri.

The trend began in 2014, when General Motors rolled out a new production line for its Buick luxury SUV, which it dubbed “lean.”

GM, which was founded in 1921, was known for its innovative production techniques, but the new line used a combination of “leaner” production methods and more modern technologies to produce the SUV’s fuel-efficient gasoline engines.

The company had been using “lean,” “lean energy,” and “lean materials” for decades.

But GM’s manufacturing practices were not as innovative as those of its competitors, and in many cases, the company was trying to sell more than just gasoline engines to the public.

At the time, GM was experimenting with new ways of using its product to produce more energy.

As the company experimented with its lean-manufacture process, it realized that it could use a variety of different materials to create a variety the products.

For example, it could create a lightweight, flexible plastic material to build the dashboard of the Buick that was designed to withstand high-speed winds, and then use a metal sheet that could be molded into the body of the vehicle.

GM eventually chose to use materials that were lighter and stronger than the traditional metal sheet.

That led to the first “lean assembly” of a car, in which parts of the car were assembled in a factory with the help of a robot, rather than a human worker.

This approach was popularized by a German company called Carbo.

More recently, companies such as Ford, General Motors, Ford Transit, and Tesla have experimented with their own “lean factories” that use robotic manufacturing to produce vehicles and parts, but with a focus on environmental sustainability and sustainability in manufacturing.

GM, for instance, was recently sued by the Environmental Protection Agency for allegedly not complying with the Clean Air Act and other regulations for its “lean and green” manufacturing process. 

The “Lean Manufacturing” trend was also at the forefront of the U.S. presidential election.

Donald Trump was criticized for his decision to build a $1.4 billion factory in Mexico that was not connected to the U, but was connected to a vast network of “laboratories” in the United States, which he said would help the country compete in the global economy. 

In 2016, former President Barack Obama said the U would be “losing out on a lot of jobs” if it did not do something about the “lack of American talent.”

In an interview with Business Insider, Kagan said he was “not sure” the U will be able to keep up with the shift in manufacturing and jobs in the coming years.

“You know, the industry is really changing, and the economy is changing, the political climate is changing.

And I think what’s happening right now is that companies are looking for ways to shift their focus away from manufacturing to things that are more sustainable,” Kagan told Business Insider.

It is likely that this trend will continue, he said, as more companies experiment with “lean methods,” and with the use of renewable energy, but he expects the number of manufacturing jobs to be “low” in general.

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