How to get a $100 coupon for the eliqui manufacturer

The company that makes eliquids used in cough syrup and other drinks is offering up to a $1,000 coupon code to get it.

Eliquis is owned by The American Eliquids Company, which also makes the brand of cough syrup.

The company says its offer is valid for the month of December.

It offers the code for Eliquis on its website,, as well as via email and in a phone call.

The offer is not available for purchase on the company’s website.

It’s not clear if the coupon is a direct-to-consumer deal or a referral.

Eliquid and cough syrup products are available through multiple retailers.

The company said its products are sold in convenience stores and health food stores and that Eliquislove’s website is open to the public.

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