How to Buy a Florida Home floridanias-first-flouridahomes-house-price-busting-report-infloridas-first source Google Blog (US) title Floridas first-flourer-built home is going for $2 million article article flouridas first flourer built house with $2,800,000 price tag in the works.

The home was built in 2016 and is priced at $1.5 million, but the listing says that the home was only built to house one tenant, and that the listing includes two bedrooms.

The listing is available for bids starting August 15.

The seller told the listing agent that she is planning on opening the home on the weekend, and the home is expected to be fully finished by October.

The home has been listed on the Florida-based home-building company, Flourers, and was sold for $1,5 million.

The house has a floor-to‑ceiling glass window, marble countertops, wood floors, and marble countertop trim.

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