How to avoid the x-ray machine that could cause your heart to burst

The world has come to expect x-rays from machines that look like metal detectors but don’t.

But if you want to avoid this unnecessary exposure, the Times of Indian has you covered.

Here are the 10 best ways to avoid x-radiation, including the most common causes.


Keep out of sight: Many x-RAY machines can be found hidden in closets or under desks.

If you’re in a rush, try to avoid them.


Be aware of the machine’s speed: It will run at the speed of light, so be aware of where it is going and how fast it is moving.


Avoid the sun: If you live in a country where x- rays are illegal, don’t go outside.


Wear comfortable clothes: You can get x-Ray treatment at home with an x-tube and a couple of towels.


Get rid of your glasses: This is especially important if you wear glasses and wear contacts.


Wear a mask: Even if you don’t have a health problem, wear a mask when you go outside to avoid getting x-Rays.


Don’t let x-rated films slide through: The machine will cut film and make your x-scan a blur.


Donate to your local x- ray lab: A few hours before you go to the xray machine, give x-RF to a local lab.

They’ll send you a receipt and a voucher code for a free x-scope to use for the xrays.


Don the red jacket: Red is your favorite color and this will help your x ray machine blend in with your surroundings.


Don your mask: It might look cool and professional, but you might get some x-rails.

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