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Manufacturing engineers at Denso Manufacturing Engineering, Ltd.

in Wollongong are on a mission to design a brand-new type of textile, a textile made from carbon fibre.

The process will be known as a carbon fibre fabric, which will be produced in China, and then used to make other garments.

“We have an exciting technology that we are hoping to be able to produce with,” said Richard Worsley, Denso’s chief innovation officer.

“That will allow us to manufacture garments that are 100 per cent carbon fibre.”

The new fabric, to be called Denso Carbon Fiber Fabric, is a lightweight, flexible, and flexible composite material.

It has the capacity to withstand extreme temperatures and extreme environments, Worsleys team says.

The textile could be a durable, long-lasting, lightweight and versatile material that can be used for garments that would otherwise be made of carbon fibre, and would also be ideal for use in textile processing.

“Our fabric will be a new material to use in the textile industry and be a significant innovation in the future,” Worsly said.

Denso is a leading manufacturer of carbon fiber textile, which is used in the manufacture of many types of consumer goods, such as clothing and footwear.

The company has an existing manufacturing facility in Wolsons home state of Victoria, which it intends to expand and develop further.

In its announcement on Wednesday, Denos manufacturing engineers, in partnership with industrial partner Denso Innovation, revealed a first prototype of the new fabric.

The carbon fibre material has been designed by a team of fabric designers and fabric engineers.

The fabric is made from a combination of polymers and carbon fibre with special carbon nanotubes in it.

It is flexible and can withstand extreme conditions such as high temperatures, and the fabric will retain its flexibility under extreme temperatures.

The team says the fabric could be used in fabrics and textile processes as a replacement for carbon fibre in the next few years.

“The fabric has the potential to replace carbon fibre for a number of textile applications, including textile processing, in order to reduce costs and improve environmental sustainability,” Wotsley said.

“This is a promising technology that will enable the industry to achieve a more sustainable textile industry.”

The company also said that its technology could be applied to other industries.

For example, in a research paper published in the Journal of Applied Physics, the team demonstrated the ability to create carbon fibre composite material from a carbon monoxide-free solution.

“By using this technique, we have created a carbon fiber composite that is a nanometre thick and can be woven on a fabric of any thickness,” the paper said.

WorsLEY said Denso believes that the fabric technology could also be used to manufacture lightweight products for manufacturing, such fabric bags for use as cargo bags.

“One of the exciting things about the textile technology is the ability of fabric to be manufactured from a variety of materials, and with this we could be able develop a range of fabrics that can meet a range the requirements of various applications,” he said.

The Denso team said the new carbon fibre technology could produce fabrics that are strong, flexible and durable, and could even be suitable for garments for textile processing and packaging.

“For our fabric to have a high level of sustainability, it would need to be environmentally friendly,” Wys said.

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