Daniel Daniels is back!

Daniel Daniels has been teasing us for quite some time, but we’re now getting the full story behind his return.

Daniel Daniels, who’s been teasing the return of his show for quite a while now, was recently interviewed by CBS News’ Mike Bianchi. 

“I’ll be coming back for the first time in a while,” Daniels said. 

Bianchi asked, “You’re back?

Are you going to come back?” 

“Absolutely, I’ll be back,” Daniels replied. 

He added that his return will come after his hiatus from dancing with The O’Reilly Factor. 

It’s a pretty exciting story for Daniels, as the former television personality has spent the last two years being forced to shut down his production company. 

His latest project, Lionsgate’s The Good Place, has already been delayed twice, and the network hasnt been able to get any additional material made in late 2017. 

In a recent New York Times column, writer Karen Ryan wrote that Daniels was “disappointed” that Lionsgate wasnt able to complete the film before it was cancelled. 

Ryan added that Daniels would be returning for a new show, “But this time, it’s different.

The new show is not going to be a one-off show like his previous ones.” 

Daniels said that he will be back on the show for Season 5 of The Good Place but was not sure if that show would be a comedy or drama. 

We’ll have more details on Daniels’ return to the show as they become available. 

Watch Daniels’ interview with CBS and Newspapers below.

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