Cosmetic manufacturers demand ban on cheap manufactured homes

Cosmetic manufacturers say they have received “tremendous” support from consumers and business leaders, as they push to ban cheaper manufactured homes.

Key points:Cosmetic manufacturers say consumers have been “saddened” by the high price of cheap manufactured home productsThe move follows the introduction of a $US5,000 rebate on products from cheaper manufacturersCosmetic companies say they are asking the Government to “ban the cheapest manufactured homes” from entering AustraliaThey want the Government “to ban the cheapest made home from entering this country”.

“We believe that the introduction, as well as the rebate on imported goods, have contributed significantly to the significant drop in the number of people accessing affordable manufactured homes,” the companies said in a letter to the Prime Minister.

“We have also been dismayed by the recent rise in the price of these manufactured homes and the recent introduction of an $US5000 rebate on imports.”

“It is the Government’s responsibility to ensure that the Government is not introducing or encouraging the introduction or use of cheap made homes into our country.”

The industry group said it had received support from consumer and business groups.

“The Government’s recent action on imported manufactured homes is in line with its commitment to ensure affordable housing is accessible and affordable to Australians and to ensure affordability is available to all Australians,” it said.

The companies said they had also been contacted by people who were purchasing a cheap manufactured house and were not aware of the rebate.

“Many people are not aware that they can claim a rebate on their importation of a cheap home,” the letter said.

“This means that some of those people may not be aware of how the rebate works.”

The Government has introduced a $5,500 rebate on manufactured home imports to help low income households get into homes cheaper than the average $US10,000 home.

The rebate has been rolled out since January and is applied to products from the following manufacturers:Costco, CVS, Lidl, Marks and Spencer, Petal, Colgate, Alipay, HomeGoods, Sainsbury’s, Tassie, Alpacas, Nestle and The Gap.

The rebates were announced on Monday, but did not apply to imported products.

“It has been widely recognised that the impact of the Government policy on imported products, particularly manufactured home goods, is detrimental to Australian consumers,” the company letter said, adding it was also concerned the rebate was being used as a means to discourage people from purchasing cheaper home products.”[We] understand that some Australian consumers have already taken advantage of this rebate and the Government has now removed the rebate from imported products,” it continued.

“Therefore, we believe that this is an unjustifiable use of the $5k rebate, which should not be being used to discourage those who are currently unable to afford to buy an affordable manufactured home.”

The companies, who represent cosmetic manufacturers including Lancôme, Revlon, CoverGirl, Sally Beauty, L’Oréal, and Revlon Cosmetics, also said they were also concerned by the government’s decision to exclude cheaper manufactured home brands from the rebate program.

“While the Government may be trying to attract more Australian buyers to low income housing, it is also doing so at the expense of the affordable home market,” the statement said.


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