Cheap manufactured homes get a boost from an aluminum boat manufacturer

Clayton manufactured the first home in California to be powered by renewable energy in the 1970s.

That home, a 2,500 square foot trailer that seats three people, is now owned by the company.

The company, now known as Clayton, has been producing affordable home accessories for more than 40 years.

But now, the company is also making the first portable home for sale.

It is the first made-to-order home that is built with renewable energy, and is priced below the price of the cheapest manufactured homes in the market.

It’s not cheap.

For one, the unit will be the most expensive manufactured home in the United States.

But it will also be the cheapest of the new batch of manufactured homes that are being produced with recycled materials.

In California, Clayton made nearly 5,000 units of its new portable home.

The cost of building a new unit is about $6,000, according to the company’s website.

The $6k price tag comes on top of the $1,000 per month the company charges for its services, including installation, installation and maintenance, plus a $1 per month per year charge for energy.

The price is more than half of the cost of the current average manufactured home.

But the company hopes that it can drive down the price even further.

Clayton is working on a program to make the portable home lighter, lighter, more energy efficient, and more durable, Clayman said.

It will also provide an eco-friendly alternative to the old wooden house, which it calls “a lot like a modern woodhouse.”

It will have no plumbing, no electrical, and no windows or doors.

The trailer will be made from recycled aluminum, Claymore said.

Claymore told the Associated Press that the company plans to install solar panels on the trailer to generate electricity.

“I think it’s a pretty radical change to our business,” Claymore, who was in his 40s when the home was built, told the AP.

He said that the trailer will use “tens of thousands of pounds of aluminum.”

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