BMW V twin manufacturing at the U.S. site

BMW’s V twin production facility in Illinois will start production of the luxury sedan at a U.K. site in 2019, and the automaker will add 10 new jobs to its global production base.

The news comes a week after BMW announced a $3.9 billion investment to build an additional 200,000 jobs in the U, Germany, Australia and Japan.

The new manufacturing facility will employ 1,400 people, and will employ about 100 employees in its U.N. headquarters.

The V twin will have a range of model and trim levels, and it is expected to offer up to a $5,000 premium to the Model X. It is also expected to be the first car to use a new BMW engine, the i8.

The company said that the investment will create 1,100 jobs in its global supply chain, with the first 500 of those coming from Germany.

“We have invested in the V twin with the vision of building a model that is built for both the buyer and the driver,” said BMW of America CEO Jim Lentz in a statement.

“The BMW V Twin will be a world-class luxury sedan, and we are looking forward to building on this investment and adding more jobs to our global supply chains.”

The company also said that it is “looking forward to partnering with the United States on this important and challenging project.”

The news of the V Twin’s U.s. expansion comes just two days after it announced a record U.k. sales year in 2019.

BMW, for its part, said that its new production line in its own U. k will produce more than 200,00 vehicles in 2019 alone, and that it expects to produce more cars per day by 2021.

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